SOA Itch Be Gone Bar Soap

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Modell: SOA Bar Soap

SOA Itch Be Gone Bar Soap

Immediately Stops the Itch ”


STOPS the Itching & Rubbing Cycle Associated with

Insect Bites, Skin Disorders, Allergic Reactions & Irritations


Very Effective Anti-Pruitus (itch) from:

* Serum Biting Insects

* Culicoides (“no-see-ums”)

* Allergic Reaction, Inflammation

* Parasitic Infestations

* Mosquitoes’, Tick, Flea, Spider & Mite Bites

* Hot Spots

* Sweet Itch and More


For use on Horses, Dogs& All Animals


* SOA + Bar Soap Penetrates deep into the treatment area.

* Stops Pruritus & Rubbing Cycle

* Soothes Sensitive Skin & Softens for a Quick Recovery

* Formulated to Draw & Dry Affected Skin Areas

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