Good Medicine Warbird

Modell: CXHDWB
Vikt: 3 kg

Custom designed New Zealand wool  hand-woven blanket top

Expertly contoured with leather reinforced spine and wither

Air RideTM shock absorbing insert for impact protection and comfort

Highest quality Merino Wool bottom protects and wicks away moisture


The eagle symbol in each corner is facing upward with wings spread – encouraging
the rider to defeat fears with courage and wisdom. The eagle also carried prayers
to the Creator. The open squares indicate the rider to be a leader of a war party.
Today we lead our horses into modern day battles – competition. The solid
square symbolizes steadfastness and reliability, a solid foundation that every
horse needs. Warbird covers the horse and rider with courage. It encourages the
confidence that comes from a trusted companion in battle.

Size: 33"x38" with 3/4" core

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