Western Horsemen are proud to present

West Wood(WildWestClassic), Platinum, Garland & White Star


The saddle trees are imported from USA (RALIDE P.I.INC for the plastic ones, EQUIFIT or HEADLOCK for woof fibre glass covered). Italian leather vegetable tanning for WHITE STAR, GARLAND, WILD WEST CLASSIC (WestWood).

Tree: Ralide USA tree (5 years guaranteed )

Size: Semi QH (14,5”-17”), QH (14,5”-16”) and Full QH (14,5”-16”). Arabian (14,5”-15”).
Leather: Italian leather vegetable tanning (dark brown, black, burgundy, cognac)

Tooling: Basket (stamped) on squared and butterfly skirt, barbed wire, single border
Seat: Suede or leather seat (different colours available)
Skirt: Round skirt, butterfly skirt or squared close contact skirt.
Other: All can have pleasure seat (flat) or reining seat (upper on front part).
Available with rawhide horn, cantle or stirrups, leather laces and clip'n d.

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