The Iconoclast® Rehabilitation Boot is a working recovery boot for horses that have sustained an injury or are presenting signs of soreness in their suspensories and sesamoids.  Working in conjunction with our patented Double Sling Strap is our patented Orthopedic Wedge®that is positioned behind the distal pastern. The soft ergonomically designed Orthopedic Wedge®provides additional vertical support to the suspensories by dispersing the impact shock from each hoof strike. Combining the Orthopedic Wedge® with the Double Sling Strap creates  a boot that ensures 360 degree support and protection.

Although the boot is primarily designed as  a rehabilitation boot, it is perfectly safe to use on a daily basis for any horse you may feel needs  an extra measure of support and protection. Our line of Iconoclast® Bell Boots will work great in  association with our Orthopedic Support Boots. Please note: the Rehabilitation Boot does not accept bell boots -- please refer to the Iconoclast® Orthopedic Support Boots

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